Implementing a MES for a Precision Machining Company

Prosper-Tech Adds MES and ERP System

In January 2023,Prosper-Tech began the soft conversion to a new Manufacturing Execution System(MES) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). This new software system will streamline all business processes from estimating through shipping. The intent is to reduce the variation as our manufacturing jobs become increasingly complex and customer needs become more demanding.

MES+ERP Benefits:

·       Improved product quality and consistency

·       Reduction in lead times

·       Elimination of paper tracking and storage

·       Increased autonomy for works of all levels

·       Increased Statistical Process Control (SPC)capabilities

·       More reliable forecasting for planning production sequences

Timeclock replaced with "WO Time Tracking" capabilities in ProShop.

Why ProShop:

Prosper-Tech chose to partner with ProShop, a MES+ERP software system that was designed specifically for the machine shop industry. ProShop provides modules for work processes from estimating/quoting through shipping finished product. It also includes job scheduling, maintenance scheduling for equipment and time tracking per job/per employee. There are dashboard features for reporting job profitability and other KPIs as well. Since it was designed for machine shops, a distinguishing feature is the tooling inventory management that is tied to equipment and part number. ProShop also met Prosper-Tech’s defense contracting requirements for cybersecurity and ITAR. Not but not least, it meets the quality requirements for AS9100/ISO9001:2015 system integration with a document repository and revision tracking system.

Optimized tooling inventory system for shop and office employees.

Prosper-Tech’s Adoption Process:

Prosper-Tech understood that to reap the full benefits of ProShop, all employees would need to buy in. As a way to get everyone comfortable with navigating the system, Prosper-Tech transitioned time tracking to ProShop and removed the old time clock from the wall. This very visible first step in system integration enabled all employees from office to shop floor to buy-in. Little by little, Prosper-Tech started to move reoccurring jobs to ProShop to track manufacturing operations. As engineering interns started for the summer, Prosper-Tech added work instructions with photos and videos in ProShop to aid in operation.

A big step was the upgrade to the tooling inventory. Prosper-Tech categorized and reorganized our tooling inventory to make it easier to look up tools and manage inventory. This effort involved digital inventorying as well as upgrades to our physical inventory system.

Preliminary Results:

With the adoption of ProShop, Prosper-Tech has already seen gains in productivity. The streamlined process is enabling Prosper-Tech to respond to customers quicker with information easily accessible in a one-stop-shop. It also enables Prosper-Tech leadership to review production data from statistical process control to job profitability with greater accuracy and efficiency.


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Gabby Devroy

VP Business Development

September 25, 2023

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