AS9100 & ISO 9001 Certified


AS9100 & ISO 9001 Certified

AS9100 certification allows us to serve the aerospace and space industries in addition to medical and defense.

It also gives us the confidence we are providing our customers with quality products, delivered on time and defect free. And, our continuous improvement culture translates into cost savings for those customers.

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Quality Lab Overview Video - 1m 21s

Exotic Metals Machining

First Article Testing

We can provide First Article Testing for your product if needed. Our Hexagon 4.5.4 SF CMM in our Quality Lab has increased our capabilities for accuracy in this area. Please contact us if you are in need of first article testing.

High Tolerance Machning

SPI Finishing

Our experienced bench hands are capable of SPI finishes from A1 to D2 to ensure your job can provide you with an end result that meets or exceeds your expectations. Contact us today to learn about our high tolerance finishing capabilities.

Quality Lab

In 2021, Prosper-Tech added a dedicated quality lab to better serve customers. The lab houses two CMM's, an optical comparator, and a multitude of gauging instruments to ensure those customers receive quality parts.

CMM Performing Quality Check

Hexagon 4.5.4 S CMM

Hexagon 4.5.4 SF CMM is a high-quality coordinate measuring device that ensures production parts meet quality specifications and tolerances. After the CNC machining process is complete, the CMM will check the parts through computer controlled coordinate mapping. This highly-precise process verifies the part is correct and to the customers' specification.

Prosper-Tech also offers first article testing as a standalone service to those companies who do not have a coordinate measuring machine in-house. Contact us today if you are in need of this service.

Starrett Precision Optical HE400

Starrett Precision Optical HE400

The Starrett Precision Optical HE400 offers a time-tested non-contact measurement solution. This simple-to-use system offers outstanding capacity with performance that satisfies a wide range of applications for dimensional inspections and meets your complex measurement requirements. The precision optics, precision work stage, and superb lighting are at the heart of this machine, ensuring sharp images, outstanding brightness, and precision.