Benefits of “One and Done” CNC Turning Services

When selecting a precision machining company for build to print production parts, equipment capabilities should be a contributing factor in the decision. This is due in part to the wide variety of capabilities that are available in CNC turning equipment. Specifically, Prosper-Tech’s EurotechTA2YS machines include y-axis and sub-spindles capabilities. With the experienced machinists at Prosper-Tech, we can offer “one and done” parts and unattended production to maximize efficiency and deliver cost-effective parts for our customers. The superior value from our "one and done" capabilities in our CNC turning services is attractive to our customers.


The benefits for "one and done" CNC turning services meet a wide range of customer needs including quality, lead times and cost. See below for additional benefits:

·       Increased accuracy due to minimized set-ups

·       Reduction in machining time to complete part

·       Maximized cost-efficiency

·       Minimized touches required

Prosper-Tech Success Story:

This is an example of a titanium part that was completed in one operation on our Eurotech Elite TA20YS.

Bearing pattern on back side requiring full live tooling 15 HP 12,000 RPM

We used every bit of the 15 HP 12,000 RPM live tooling to finish the bearing pattern on the back side.

Without the equipment offerings and machinist programming capabilities, this part would have required multiple operations to achieve the many features.

Specifically, for this part, we were impressed with the accuracy and finishing that our machinists were able to hold on this part including holding .0005" on the circle pattern milling on the sub spindle!

Multiple features achieved in one set-up

Overall, our customer was extremely pleased with the end result in terms of quality, lead time and cost in comparison to our competitors.

None of this would be possible without the great working relationships with our partners:

·       Programming done with OPEN MIND Technologies AG

·       Post-sale application and service support by Merrifield Machinery Solutions

Contact us to learn whether your complex part could be complete in a "one and done" set-up on one of our lathes!

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Gabby Devroy

VP Business Development

September 22, 2023

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