Welcome Andrew & Gabby

We are excited to announce the addition of Andrew Devroy, Vice President – Sales & Operations and Gabrielle Devroy, Vice President – Business Development.

Andrew & Gabby both earned B.S.E.’s in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan. They each bring extensive experience serving in domestic and international roles of larger manufacturing companies. Andrew’s focus will be meeting the needs of customers and scaling up operations. Gabby’s focus will be developing our strategic growth plan. As company management, they will also be responsible for carrying out our core competencies: Building to Print + Providing Solutions + Teaching the Trade. Welcome Andrew & Gabby!

Andrew Devroy - VP Sales and Operations

Gabby Devroy - VP Business Development

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Gabby Devroy

Heidi Devroy


August 29, 2022

Prosper-Tech Machine & Tool offers services for build-to-print precision machining. Located in Macomb County in Richmond, Michigan, we serve the medical, defense, and aerospace/space industries.

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