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CNC Machining

Production CNC Milling & Turning

At Prosper-Tech Machine & Tool, we offer fast and efficient precision CNC machining. We leverage the latest CNC milling and turning equipment, including 5-axis Mill and 6-axis Mill-Turn, to produce state-of-the-art components for our customers.

Our team of engineers and machinists can provide custom CNC machined parts to meet your exact specifications. Our services are available for many applications in various industries, including aerospace, space, defense, medical device, automotive and more. We maintain the highest quality standards and protocols to ensure you receive the highest quality part every time.

Explore our CNC machining services below or give us a call at 586-727-8800 to learn more about how we can help you.

CNC Milling Overview Video - 1m 31s

Exotic Metals Machining

Exotic Metals

Our advanced equipment and prior experience make us your partner of choice for machining exotic metals like Inconel and Monel.

High Tolerance Machning

High Tolerances

From our roots building plastic injection tooling we gained vast experience working with high tolerances allowing us to machine more difficult parts than most shops our size.

Hard Milling & Turning

We provide you with finished surfaces that need little or no polishing when utilizing our CNC 5-Axis Mill and 6-Axis Mill-Turning.

New Robot For 5-Axis

HAAS UMC-750 with
Erowa ERC80 Machine Tending Robot

As a CNC machining and components manufacturing company, our state-of-the-art equipment can handle your entire process. Our HAAS UMC-750 with Erowa ERC80 Machine Tending Robot enables us to operate 24/7 without breaks which translate into increased productivity and faster lead times for our valuable customers.

Our five-axis CNC reduces the number of steps involved in setups and significantly improves accuracy for complex and multi-sided machined parts. Plus, it provides a large capacity with exceptional tool clearance. Watch our video below to see how we use automation with our CNCs.

Automation at Prosper-Tech Video
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Eurotech CMZ Ta20

Eurotech CMZ TA20

The Eurotech CMZ TA20 is an innovative CNC lathe machine known for its high performance, productivity, accuracy and reliability. It offers outstanding precision and durability and comes with box-section guideways located on the X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis, along with a rigid design for Y-axis. We liked it so much, we purchased another one exactly like this one!

This advanced CNC lathe provides us with a high capacity for milling, maximized reliability and stability of measurements. We use it to create round or cylindrical intricate designs with excellent accuracy and fast speed. Watch the video in the link below to see our CNC lathes in action!

CNC Turning Overview Video
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GROB G350 Horizontal 5-Axis


HAAS is a world-class manufacturer and supplier of CNC mills. At Prosper-Tech we leverage a full suite of HAAS CNC equipment depending on the size and type of your job.

  • HAAS TM-1P

  • HAAS VM-2

  • HAAS VM-3