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EDM Machining

EDM Sinker Machining

We use EDM when we need to machine complex shapes into our parts with extreme precision. We also offer it as a stand alone service for your parts.

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EDM Machining Overview Video - 1m 3s

EDM Intricate Shapes

Intricate Shapes

We can machine intricate shapes with excellent accuracy and low risk for a wide range of applications and industries.

EDM Difficult Machining

Difficult Machining

We can machine details that are hard to do with conventional CNC machining. By creating a mirror image on a piece of graphite, EDM machining burns away the metal with small electrical discharges for a highly precise finish.

EDM Expertise

EDM Expertise

Our team is highly experienced and has in-depth knowledge and experience utilizing EDM Sinker Machining as a part of our manufacturing process.

EDM Machine

Charmilles Roboform Form 30 iRT

Charmilles Roboform Form 30 iRTC is a large EDM sinker machine with outstanding performance and reliability. This precision machine comes with advanced gamma control technology that optimizes the machine's performance and provides glossy finishing for even bigger workspace surfaces.

If you are in need of a EDM machining partner, Prosper-Tech Machine & Tool also offers EDM machining as a standalone service to parts you have machined yourself. Check out the shop tour video below where you'll see a EDM job that we are working on for a customer!

Prosper-Tech Shop Tour Video
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