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6-Axis CNC Turning Services for Hand-Held Sized Parts

Prosper-Tech provides CNC turning services for customers looking to partner for hand-held size parts from prototype through production. Our Eurotech TA20Ys lathes provide a competitive advantage for “one and done” parts and unattended production. The y-axis and sub-spindle features prompt our CNC turning services to best fit with complex parts with off-centered and back-sided features.

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6-Axis CNC Turning Capabilities


We provide turning services for parts 0.5 to 2.5” diameter through spindle and up to 8” chucking.


Our lathes are capable of “one and done” parts for unattended production using Y-axis and sub-spindles.


We typically work with aluminum, stainless steel, titanium and Inconel among other materials.

Typical Parts

We specialize in parts with off-centered and back-sided features. These parts are commonly fittings, screws, spacers, end caps, rods, shafts, etc.

Machinist Operating CNC Lathe

Why Prosper-Tech?

Our customers choose to partner with us as we provide customized CNC turning services to cater to our customers’ exact specifications. 

Our highly skilled workforce in combination with our 6-axis CNC turning capabilities enable us to handle complex parts with off-centered and back-sided features. All of this is managed through our production control under our AS9100 Quality Management System and MES/ERP system to minimize touches and expedite quote through delivery.

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