Tips and Tricks for Precision Machining Inconel Turned Parts for Aerospace

Let’s travel back in time to 2020 when Prosper-Tech took its first Inconel 625 job on one of their Eurotech lathes...

Understanding the unique material properties and how that could lead to tool life being an issue, Prosper-Tech reached out to their longtime tooling provider-turned friend to learn more about the best approach for machining this "tricky" material.

Why is Inconel difficult to machine?

Inconel is difficult to machine due to its material and physical properties. In turn, these properties make it popular for space and aerospace applications. This high nickel super alloy has resilience to corrosion and oxidation at high temperatures as well as a high-temperature coefficient of strength. In other words, it is challenging to machine as the material does not get softer as temperature rises such as when working with stainless steel.  A machinist needs to take this into account when selecting tooling, feeds and speeds. It’s also critical to regularly inspect tooling for wear to ensure quality of parts produced as the material properties causes tools to wear disproportionally.

Tips and Tricks for CNC Turning Inconel for Aerospace and Space Industries

Prosper-Tech has gathered tips and tricks for improving the reliability and efficiency for precision machining of Inconel turned parts.

1.     Select the right tooling

2.     Select the right feed and speeds

3.     Inspect tooling regularly

4.     Understand material variability in Inconel lots

5.     Don’t hesitate to reach out to the machining community for help


If you are looking for CNC turning services for precision Inconel parts, for Aerospace or other industries, reach out to us at Prosper-Tech for an estimate.

Prosper-Tech is a WOSB, AS9100 certified, CMMC level 2 compliant company specializing in providing precision machining services for customer provided prints from conception through production.

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Gabby Devroy

Gabby Devroy

VP Business Development

September 22, 2023

Prosper-Tech Machine & Tool offers services for build-to-print precision machining. Located in Macomb County in Richmond, Michigan, we serve the medical, defense, and aerospace/space industries.

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